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There’s more to Canada than Quebec and Montreal! Come live and work in one of the world’s hottest economies with great job prospects for after your internship: Alberta.

Timing: The Internship starts as soon as you can get here, and will last for 6 – 12 months. There is a possibility of permanent employment after the internship.

Job: you will work in a small e-marketing consulting firm that is launching something big! We’d love to have you on board to help. Your role will be adapted to your strengths, but would include tasks such as:
• Helping maintain the website, and creating a new website for the launch of the project.
• Writing content for the website, e-newsletters and other marketing materials.
• Researching the needs of Canadian companies and the barriers they face in e-marketing.
• Managing our social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, others as relevant).
• Approaching other sites to find opportunities for guest blog posts.
• Monitoring web and social media analytics to fine-tune the marketing efforts.
• Managing online advertising campaigns.
• Translating web site and marketing content into French.
• Editing audio and video recordings, and posting them to the Web.

• Knowledge of and enthusiasm for e-marketing, marketing strategy, internet & social media
• Good analytical skills & and an eye for detail
• Good written and spoken English
• Some knowledge of HTML and (ideally) some other IT knowledge
• Self-starter with your own bright ideas and suggestions

Pay: We will either find you accommodation with a host family, or provide a partial housing subsidy and help in finding housing. There will also be bonuses paid to the Intern. The amount of the bonuses depends on how successful the marketing efforts are at generating revenues.